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Mour is without doubt the best non-toxic alternative to traditional detergents. And with zero waste. It has the same cleaning power as conventional detergents, but without the ingredients that are harmful to you, your children and the planet. All you have to do is put a sheet in your washing machine and that's it! There's no need to calculate the number of measuring caps dripping everywhere, and no more risk of overdosing with chemical detergents, which can be harmful to you and your children. Ideal for sensitive skin When we developed the formula for Mour washing powder sheets, we took care to remove 100% of all ingredients that could be harmful to the skin. We've had lots of customer feedback telling us that our detergent is ideal for adults with sensitive skin, as well as children and even infants.

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MOUR is the first manufacturer to have created an ultra concentrated environmentally friendly laundry washing sheet. With several years' experience in the field, we wanted to give people a chance to join our commitment to shifting the dial through actions that are visible and have a real impact on the futures of our families and our planet. We manufacture innovative cleaning products for professionals, businesses, hospitality, dry cleaners, neighbourhood food stores and supermarkets, schools, local businesses (hairdressers, beauty salons), hospitals, cleaning companies, etc. Environmentally friendly laundry detergent sheets, cleaning products, floor products, household cleaning products, dishwashing products, cleaner for windows and mirrors, multi-purpose cleaning products, floor cleaning products, anti-limescale bathroom cleaner, kitchen degreaser, these environmentally friendly laundry detergent sheets are 100% biodegradable and dissolve completely on contact with cold water and at temperatures up to 90°C. Effective biodegradable ingredients mean these products are compatible with all types of machine, vehicle reservoirs and septic tanks. For orders from private individuals or small-scale trade order, we invite you to use our website. For larger quantities, please use our contact form to send in your request. We deliver throughout France and Europe.We are often looking for Europe-based manufacturers able to make a variety of products, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Eco-nouveauté : des feuilles de lessive écologiques

Eco-nouveauté : des feuilles de lessive écologiques

Product launch ・ 15 May 2022 read more Open In New icon

On aime Mourgreen, premier à avoir utilisé cette solution de feuilles de lessive en France. Ici pas de superflus, Mourgreen a éliminé les éléments toxiques pour l’Homme et l'environnement qu’on retrouve dans certaines lessives traditionnelles, pour arriver à seulement sept ingrédients, “on a finalement pas besoin de grand chose” s’écrie l’un des fondateurs. C’est aussi une solution zéro plastique, (les lessives traditionnelles diluées dans de l’eau nécessitent des contenants 80 à 90% plus grands). Le principe de Mourgreen : déshydrater la lessive pour un format éco, léger et sympa.



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5 Route de Voisines

89100 Soucy - France


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