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24/7 active protection system for maritime
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Whether it is a luxury yacht, a cruise ship or pleasure boat, all face the same challenges. These include sun-damaged parts, green deposits, mouldering, difficult-to-clean surface types with often heavy-duty chemicals as an emergency solution. Reinasan offers the solution. The system we developed protects all surface types. By applying Reinasan 24/7 Active Protection, additional functionalities are added to the object/product. For example, it prevents deterioration and ageing of fabrics, plastics and stitching. There is also active source control of organic and atmospheric contamination such as mould, algae and air pollution. This preserves the appearance as new, extends the lifespan and thus saves and delays costs, investments and intensive maintenance. The environment is spared due to lower water consumption and no chemicals are needed.

  • Shipbuilding
  • Transport - boats
  • yachts
  • cruise ships

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6042 PB Roermond - Netherlands