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The methods we develop are implemented by partners within their operations. These methods are incorporated into partner programmes. Our partner programmes contain complete methods with 24/7 active, safe and environmentally friendly products that contribute to cleaner and safer objects and surface species. It not only offers a partner the opportunity for extra turnover, but at least as important is the extra service to the partner's (end) customer. The ROI is quickly realised and creates the opportunity to stand out within your own market. Also, the method fits in perfectly with the EU Green Deal. A wonderful contribution to a greener future! By applying the Reinasan protection, the partner creates various additional benefits on products, objects or other surface types. Some examples: objects become Easy to Clean, maintain their anti-slip value, hygiene is optimised, aesthetics. We are looking for distributors with a network for B2B. Let us together realise a green footprint.

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The Reinasan system keeps surfaces stain-free and reduce unpleasant odours in a simple manner, with minimum maintenance and extended product/surface life. Our interior protection provides permanent protection for all indoor surfaces, easily preventing organic contamination, stains, discolouration, mould, micro organisme and unpleasant odours. Residue build-up and dirt build-up are also easily prevented by using our interior protection. We are looking for distributors with a network for B2B. So together we can realise a green footprint.

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Reinasan developed a system that is the environmentally friendly alternative for optimised hygiene and health. Maximum protection and minimum maintenance. In addition, the life span of products/surface is extended thanks to our 24/7 hygiene protection. Safer products, less absence from work, less waste and improved food safety, among other things. Our water-based products contain a 24/7 active surface protection in a natural way. This ensures a lasting effect, which improves and guarantees hygiene, health and safety. It is not a disinfectant and is therefore safe for humans, animals and the environment. Dangerous bacterial growth and contamination are tackled at the source. We are looking for distributors with a B2B network. This way we can realise a green footprint together.

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Objects exposed to weathering such as UV light and temperature fluctuations often have to endure a lot. But also pollution in the air, in or around factory plants are contributing in a bad way. This complete restoring system ensures the lifespand for many years to come. By protecting objects permanently and preventively, they stay cleaner, longer in new condition, the life span is extended and you save on costs, think of TCO. We are looking for distributors with a B2B network. This way, we can realise a green footprint together.

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We are searching for distributors/ partners that are the bridge between our methodes and the demanding markets, using our special, green REINASAN technology. This technology includes products, produced by Reinasan, that provide deep cleaning and 24/7 active protection products. This continuously breaks down organic contaminants and prevents adhesion. Combined with measurements and sustainable maintenance, we are able to offer up to a 10-year warranty. This will significantly increase the lifecycle, while waste disposal is reduced, and saving on maintenance costs and investements. We strive, together with our partners, for a cleaner and durable world. We attempt to achieve this by structuring our production processes, transport, use of plastic and products as efficiently as possible. Our protection agents (PSS) and our cleaning agents (DCS) function on the basis of catalysts. Nearly all of these are pH neutral. This way, we ensure that man, animal and environment are not exposed to heavy or undesired chemicals. Reinasan also works exclusively with partners that excel in their own market segment. For instance, automotive, construction & property, chemistry, oil & energy, facility services, healthcare & pharmacy, wholesale & retail, hospitality sector, ICT, industry & production, education, government, travel & leisure, transport & logistics and corporate service.

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creating biodiversity

creating biodiversity

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Currently, the preparation of the food forest is in process. That is, we are further developing the design to scale in detail. The design now shows how wide and with which species (>19) the wind hedge will be realised. This winter, the planting of more than 2,000 pieces is planned, but stocks at growers are currently sparse. This in collaboration with Regional Landscape and the National Orchard Foundation. The 'swales' have also been drawn in after being laser-measured in the plot. These swales, especially in the initial phase, have an important role; water management! Soon we will update this, stay tuned!


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