Mechanical Condition Monitoring


Detecting mechanical faults before they stop production Bearing and Machine Maintenance Industry runs on machinery. Bearings, pumps, electric motors, compressors, presses, gearboxes and much more. All of which can break unexpectedly, causing production to stop. When production stops your organization loses money. Few bearings make it to the end of their engineered lifecycle. This is due to poor workmanship, bad lubrication practices and neglect. Problems can even arise right after installation due poor installment of the machine. No two machines are the same. Across industry, machines operate under different loads, climates and conditions, making their maintenance requirements unpredictable. Many machines are still maintained on calendar based PM’s, while others are run-to-failure. Both strategies are wasteful.

Scientific and technical monitoring
  • monitoring program
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring

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Bearing Monitoring using ultrasound

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