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SDT ULTRASOUND SOLUTIONS: Belgian manufacturer of ultrasound maintenance equipment. We help technicians check the mechanical state of machines, bearing lubrification, hydraulic systems, steam traps and tanks to avoid electrical faults and detect compressed air and gas leaks to reduce energy expenditure and reduce production costs whilst extending the life cycle of your facilities.

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SDT ULTRAChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to use the full range of both airborne and structure-borne 2nd generation ultrasound sensors. Versatile The SDT ULTRAChecker covers all airborne and structure-borne ultrasound applications. Connect any SDT 2nd generation ultrasound sensor. ULTRAChecker delivers end-to-end reliability through the 8 application pillars of ultrasound. Simple ULTRAChecker is the easiest to use detector we’ve ever created. Every push on its simple, 4-button keypad is displayed on its clear, colour display. Increase or decrease signal amplification while maintaining safe listening levels through volume-controlled headphones. Affordable Air leaks, over-greased bearings, failed steam traps, electrical faults, passing valves, the ULTRAChecker finds them all. Built with SDT quality, it’s offered at a price that will leave you speechless.


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Downtime is a constant threat to your assets It’s a fact: All machines can fail. You need a solution that helps predict those failures early. Schedule your maintenance tasks on your terms. Let SDT help you take back control of your assets. Whether it’s in the form of equipment failures, unplanned production downtime or costly, last-minute repairs, you need a device that helps you maximize uptime, minimize costs and maintain control of your assets. The SDT270 ultrasound detector provides greater insight into the health of your assets. It helps you control energy costs, predict failures, improve product quality and increase overall production uptime. With your SDT ultrasound solution, you have the ability to predict and prevent failures before they occur. Stop relying on the reactive, fire-fighting maintenance measures of the past and start a proactive approach.


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Reducing your energy costs is a difficult challenge faced by many industries in today’s economy. But, it doesn’t have to be. Undetected air or steam leaks, bearing failures and electrical panel faults cost you real money. There’s a way to cut these extra expenses from your energy bill. Preserve the health of your assets with the SDT200 ultrasound detector. Hear air leaks, trend and monitor the condition of your bearings, safely inspect electrical panels and schedule repairs on your own terms, long before they shut you down – all with ultrasound technology.


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The RS Threaded sensor and the LUBESense1 Contact sensor also integrates with mounting pads and a magnetic mount for when drilling is not desirable.

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Avoid These Three Common Bearing Greasing Mistakes

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Every plant is different. The machines inside them, the production processes they power, and the loads and conditions in which they operate. But one thing almost all share in common is bearings on rotating equipment. Bearings are the driving force behind industry, and it is the grease that helps them run smoothly and last longer. While almost every plant in the world has rotating equipment and almost every maintenance technician is familiar with bearing grease replenishment, bearings are still a sadly misunderstood asset. Which is why as much as 80% of all bearings fail prematurely. SDT Ultrasound Solutions has helped manufacturers across the globe properly grease millions of bearings through training, technology, and services. Throughout our journeys across the world trying to improve bearing reliability we’ve noticed these three common bearing greasing mistakes, and we want to share them with you.


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