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Ming Xiao Mfg Custom Metal Bushings according to customer's design, the bushings made from Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Brass, Aluminum,ect. Bushing also called Sleeve, there is a saying bushing with thicker wall and sleeve with thiner wall. The bushing is a matching part used outside the mechanical parts to achieve the functions of sealing, wear protection, etc. It refers to the ring sleeve that functions as a gasket. In the field of valve applications, the bushing is ins The flexibility of the bushing is relatively high, and it can play a lot of roles. Generally speaking, the bushing is a kind of component that protects the equipment. The use of bushings can reduce equipment wear, vibration and noise, and has an anti-corrosion effect. The use of the bushing can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment and simplify the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment. We custom Metal Bushings for all industries, welcome contact us to develop your projects.

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Product features

Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,Brass,Aluminum Alloy
Shapes Rounded
Technics Lathe Turning, Drilling
Application sealing, wear protection for axis

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