Metal coated specialty fiber

Gold or aluminum coating for high temperature application

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heracle developes and produces specialty optical fiber with metal coating for application in harsh environments. Fiber types include Mutimode fiber with step or graded index profiles and Singlemode fiber. All fiber fiber types can be offered with either Gold or Aluminum coating. The pure fused silica step index multimode fibers (SIMM) are optimised for applications in the UV/VIS and VIS/IR wavelengths. The graded index Multimode fiber is designed to operate at 850nm and 1300nm. The Singlemode fiber is specified accoring to according ITU-T G.652. Metal coated optical fibers are typically used under extreme conditions such as: - Aircraft, missile, rocket, turbine & jet engine monitoring; - Radiation, caustic & corrosive environments - Material fatigue sensing applications - High power laser delivery systems - Ultra high vacuum applications

Optical fibres
  • gold coating
  • aluminum coating
  • high temperature applications

Product features

Multimode fiber types Step index or Graded index
Coating types Gold or aluminum
Core sizes Step index fibers [µm] 50 - 400
Core/Clad sizes Graded index fiber [µm] 50/125; 62.5/125
Singlemode fiber types 09/125 as per G.652

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