This machine type is available in two force ranges; detailed information can be found in the prospectus. The load cell can be attached to the oscillating head or the machine table , depending on the application. The table with the T-slots also allows building components or extensive devices. The control is built into the machine and results in a compact and therefore space-saving solution. The machine is relatively light and can be easily transported and moved around the laboratory

Frequency and tuning devices
  • Extensive Devices
  • Saving Solution
  • Machine Relatively

Product features

execution 5 oder 20 kN
Max. Peak value 5 oder 20 kN
Max static load 5 oder 20 kN
Max dynamic load +/- 2.5 oder +/- 10 kN
Oscillation paths 4 mm
Frequency range 40 – 250 Hz *
Weight approx 600 kg *
connection 230V / 10 A

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