DURAN d.d. Pula manufactures on demand glass articles from DURANᵀᴹ borosilicate glass 3.3. We are specialized in the production of glass articles for medical and industrial applications. Our most important production segments are: milk jars for dairy industry and milking machines, lighting glass(EX-proof and ATEX directive requirements) bulbs, glasses for obstruction lights, glass for design lighting fixtures and infrastructure lighting, glass for aircraft`s, washing machine glasses, components for small electrical devices, household glassware, aquariums, insulators and some special glass bottles made on your demand. Our glass products are heat, stress, explosion, high/low temperatures, and high-pressure resistant. Hygienic in use due to the smooth and pore-free surface. Taste and odor neutral.

Cattle, dairy
  • Milk jars
  • dairy jars
  • big glass containers

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