Miniature Shock Absorbers

PMCN225EUM Reliable protection against fluids


Self-Compensating, Rolling Diaphragm Technology, TPU Bellow Energy capacity 41 Nm/cycle Stroke 12.5 mm Hermetically sealed: The shock absorbers from the ACE Protection series PMCN have a compact, perfectly sealed cap as a special feature. This protection bellows, made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), safely encapsulates the proven ACE rolling diaphragm from the outside environment. Aggressive cutting, lubricating and cleaning agents don't stand a chance and the function of the maintenance-free, ready-to-install shock absorber is retained. They are also available in full stainless steel. The PMCN series is a good alternative to the SP type air bleed collar if no compressed air is available on the machine or system. Reliable protection against aggressive fluids, these miniature shock absorbers are the first choice everywhere where conventional dampers wear out too quickly, eg. As in machining centers or other applications of mechanical engineering.

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Product features

Energy capacity 41 Nm/cycle
Energy capacity 45,000 Nm/h
Effective weight min. 2.3 kg
Effective weight max. 25 kg
Return Force min. 8 N
Return Force max. 85 N
Return Time 0.3 s
Side Load Angle max. 4 °
Impact velocity range 0.06 m/s to 6 m/s. Other speeds on request.
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 66 °C
Mounting In any position
Positive stop Integrated
Material Steel corrosion-resistant coating; Main bearing: Plastic; Piston rod: Hardened stainless steel (1.41
Damping medium Oil, temperature stable
Application field Finishing and processing centres, Clean room areas, Pharmaceutical industry, Medical technology, Foo

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