To conduct airtightness tests in large buildings, simply combine several BlowerDoor fans (BlowerDoor MultipleFan): With up to three fans per door opening, Germany’s leading measuring system for airtightness easily masters even large air-flow rates! The BlowerDoor MultipleFan system consists of three BlowerDoor fans and two digital DG-1000 pressure gauges, and was developed for airtightness measurements of large buildings with an envelope area of approximately 7,000 to 36,000 m² or an internal volume of up to 440,000 m³. As a modular system, the MultipleFan system can be used for testing larger industrial and administrative buildings, but also for single-family homes and apartment buildings using one or two BlowerDoor fans.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • BlowerDoor
  • Airtightness
  • iso 9972

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