Air purification unit for cleaning room air The Pro air purification unit cleans the air inside the room. The Pro unit is used for the protection of vulnerable (immune-compromised) patients, protection against infectious patients, the elimination of aspergillus during renovation works, and for the upgrading of air quality in operating theatres, ICUs, isolation rooms. The Pro unit gives immediate results (within 20 minutes max) and once deployed maintains integrity of the air quality at all times. Pre-filtration filters on the outside of the unit Indoor work leads to an increased concentration of aspergillus. In order to protect the high effiency particulate air filter inside the unit during building activities, pre-filtration frames with filters are added to the outside of the device. The life-time of the high efficiency particulate air filter inside the unit is therefore largely extended. The prefilters are supplied in packages and are easily changed.

Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment
  • particulate air filter
  • air filter
  • filter

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