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This system is very valuable for testing the durability and expected life of the transmissions, axles, gears, transfer cases and shafts under various scenarios. It is hard to do vehicle level durability tests and without the need of getting the vehicle on the road for replicating claims caused by the powertrain, such type of a custom system help replicate the driving conditions where problems occur and the engineering team can develop a solution and iterate on the bench. Easy to use user interface; simplicity in get the system running in a target time is our most important goal. Operators in a test center can quickly receive training and begin running a variety of scenarios. Data from low speed channels such as sensors including thermocouples, RTD temperature sensors, pressure sensors and others can be collected whereas data from fast channels such as acceleration or microphone are collected through data collection (DAQ) systems, depending on the customer's preference.

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Cabins are used to determine the acoustic absorption properties of materials and are generally called "acoustic test cabins" or "reverberation rooms". These cabins are designed to detect the sound absorption properties of materials against frequency, measure their acoustic performance and determine their properties. Here are some of different types of cabins: ​ Reverberation Rooms: In these rooms, sound waves hit and reflect on surfaces and resonate for a while. In this process, the acoustic absorption capabilities of the material are measured. Acoustic Test Booths: These booths are designed to evaluate the acoustic performance of specific materials or products. They often include high-sensitivity microphones, sound sources and measuring devices. Acoustic Rooms: These rooms are generally large and can be specially designed. It is used for larger-scale or special tests of the acoustic properties of materials.

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This system provides automated quality control at the end of the production line. It is designed for real-time defect detection, automated inspection, and quality assurance. It serves as a critical tool to enhance product quality and reduce the production of defective items. The system features an easy-to-use interface and can be quickly set up. Personnel on the production line can efficiently operate the system and perform quality control procedures after a short training period. Data collected through sensors is used to perform real-time analysis on product dimensions, shapes, colors, and other defining characteristics. These analyses enable the detection of any defects and prompt actions to be taken.

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End-of-Line (EoL) testing devices are used to test the quality of the product after the production process. The purpose of the testing system is to check any visual, audio or other problems that may arise during the installation and assembly of components before they are delivered to customers. Application examples of end-of-line testing systems developed by Novosim include: ​ Rotary systems (transmissions, axles, etc.) Automotive Component Testing Noise and vibration level measurements special systems ​ EoL testing systems are complex systems that generally operate automatically and include a range of sensors, data acquisition devices and testing equipment. Test procedures can be prepared in the form of predefined scenarios by the development team and stored in a database. Different scenarios can be prepared for different test conditions (high speed, low speed, long term, short term, etc.) and then called from the database.

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Since 2010, Novosim has been a leading engineering and manufacturing company in Turkey, specializing in cutting-edge test system solutions and automation. Our expertise spans turn-key testing systems, End-of-Line (EoL) solutions, and custom machinery, including pallet stacker systems. Explore our Automotive Solutions featuring dynamometers, quality monitoring systems, and alpha cabins for precise acoustic property testing. Our dynamometer system ensures component durability through scenario-based simulations, eliminating the need for on-road testing. With a user-friendly interface, comprehensive data collection, dynamometers guarantees accurate testing, reducing after sales costs. Discover the importance of our EoL solutions for post-production quality checks, covering rotary systems, automotive components, and noise/vibration levels. In Automation Solutions, Novosim excels in custom machinery, boasting a 10-year track record in pallet stacker systems for optimized space, safety and efficiency. We offer prototype development, limited production, and expertise in custom software for process monitoring and automation. REGBES product line includes marine charging interfaces and shore power solutions. Our references include Brist, Isuzu, BMC, Ford, and more. Novosim consistently delivers superior solutions to international customers, including OEMs and suppliers, ensuring value within budget and exceeding expectations. Contact us for more information!

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Novosim's References : FORD OTOSAN

Novosim's References : FORD OTOSAN

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Novosim has been a leading engineering and manufacturing company in Turkey, specializing in cutting-edge test system solutions and automation. Our expertise spans turn-key testing systems, End-of-Line (EoL) solutions, and custom machinery, including pallet stacker systems.


Automotive Testing Benches and Dynamometers

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Egitim Mah. Hizir Bey Cad. Marmara University Technological Zone


34722 Istanbul - Turkey


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