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OECD 437, 438, 491, 492, Het Cam Eye Irritation / Eye damage - in vitro Eye Irritation / Eye damage hazard assessment


INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH offers various test strategies without animal testing for examining Eye Irritation / Eye damage hazard assessment. From standard regulatory hazard assessments to providing information on the degree of ocular irritation, to discriminating among extremely mild eye area products, INVITRO-CONNECT’ Study Monitors take the time to understand your specific goals and apply the most relevant, cost-effective strategies to achieve them. Tests for Eye Irritation / Eye damage hazard assessment in vitro: HET-CAM Assay BCOP: OECD 437 Isolated Chicken Eye Test: OECD 438 STE / Short Time Exposure (STE, OECD 491): Ocular Irritection EpiOcular & SkinEthic HCE Reconstructed human Cornea-like Epithelium (RhCE): OECD 492 For more information please contact INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH for assistance in developing specialized protocols for your test materials. INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH: Fast Project Execution: personal - competent - reliable -->