OECD 439 - Human Skin Irritation, in vitro Test

Reconstructed Human Epidermisin, in vitro Test Method


- OECD 439 / Skin Irritation Test (SIT) in a Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RhE) Model - Skin Irritation in the regulatory hazard classification and labeling context is defined as the production of reversible damage to skin following a defined chemical exposure. The Skin Irritation Test (SIT) is an in vitro, non-animal test designed to identify those chemicals and mixtures capable of inducing moderate skin irritation (UN GHS Category 2 Skin Irritants1), and to discriminate UN GHS Category 2 Skin Irritants from UN GHS 3 Mild Skin Irritants as well as those not requiring classification for skin irritation potential. INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH has extensive expertise with a wide variety of reconstructed skin-based protocols. For more information please contact INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH for assistance in developing specialized protocols for your test materials. INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH: Fast Project Execution: personal - competent - reliable --> contact@invitro-connect.com

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  • OECD 439 - Human Skin Irritation / Epiderm
  • Reconstructed Human Epidermisin, in vitro Test Method
  • toxicology analysis

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