OSE Decanter

The decanter centrifuge for the thickening of sewage sludge


In the process of treating waste water, fine biological sludge is constantly produced during the decomposition process at a sewage treatment plant. For a stable decomposition process in the biological treatment phase, the sludge produced in the secondary sedimentation pond, also known as excess sludge, is removed and fed into the digestion tower. Flottweg's OSE decanters thicken the sludge before it enters the digestion tower. Sewage treatment plants benefit from an even feeding of the digestion tower and can thus optimally use the volume of the digestion tower. The Flottweg OSE decanter is specially designed for sludge thickening. ► Highest gas yield through constant feeding of the digestion tower ► Best possible thickening even with changing feed conditions ► Larger sedimentation volume (due to deep pond and steep cone) enables highest power density (10 - 20 percent) with minimum space requirement

Water purification - systems and equipment
  • sewage treatment plant
  • decanter centrifuge
  • thickening

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Sewage Sludge Thickening Without the Use of Polymer

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