Z8E Industrial Centrifuge

The Flottweg Z8E is the giant decanter centrifuge of the Flottweg z-series


The Flottweg Z8E: The Giant Decanter With the new Z8E decanter centrifuge, Flottweg is extending its product range and setting new standards. Right from the start of development of the Z8E, the target was set of concentrating on the specific requirements of an extremely wide range of industries. The modular design of this decanter centrifuge means it is possible to adjust optimally to all kinds of separating tasks. Irrespective of whether two-phase or three-phase separation is involved, Flottweg always has the right machine configuration available with the Z8E decanter centrifuge. Typical Applications of The Flottweg Z8E - Mining and the processing industry - Chemicals and biotechnology - Foodstuffs and beverage industry - Vegetable oils, animal fat and renewable fuels - Wastewater and oil sludges

Import-export - mechanical engineering
  • Industrial decanter
  • centrifugal decanter
  • decanter centrifuge machine

Product features

Decanter Bowl Customized Solutions
Decanter Scroll Customized Solutions
Wear Protection Customized Solutions
Simp-Drive® Customized Solutions
Recuvane® Customized Solutions
(Adjustable) Impeller Customized Solutions
Overflow Weir Customized Solutions
Differential Speed Customized Solutions

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