Z3E Decanter Centrifuge

The Flottweg Z3E Decanter: Flexible, Maintenance-Friendly, and Powerful


Reliability isn't just a keyword for Flottweg – it expresses the company's philosophy. We want our customers to get results with Flottweg that can't be beat. That requires reliable machines, reliable service, and staff whose passion for perfection shows throughout the manufacturing process. The newly developed Flottweg Z3E brings us a huge step towards that goal. This decanter centrifuge is flexible, maintenance-friendly, and powerful. With its easy-to-open cover, Flottweg makes access to the main components quick and easy, with no need for lifting equipment. Together with another feature – the super deep pond – the Flottweg Z3E highlights the know-how that has gone into this decanter. Top flexibility and quality characterize the Flottweg Z3E, which has been Engineered For Your Success.

Import-export - mechanical engineering
  • Decanter centrifuge machine
  • Industrial decanter
  • centrifugal decanter

Product features

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Decanter Scroll Customized Solutions
Wear Protection Customized Solutions
Simp-Drive® Customized Solutions
Recuvane® Customized Solutions
(Adjustable) Impeller Customized Solutions
Overflow Weir Customized Solutions
Differential Speed Customized Solutions

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