Oil separator PFOS-40CF - The oil separator Profluid quickly and effectively removes oil from the cooling

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The PFOS oil separator as an alternative to oil skimmer The Profluid oil separator clean the cooling water of cutting machines in approx. 2 hours. Due to their well thought-out design they are very easy to operate and maintain. The oil separator separates oil and cooling water by means of a porous filter. This porous filter has an effective resolution and works without clogging. By the difference of the specific weight the oil drives the surface. The result is an easy separation and removal of the oil. Regular cleaning and separation of oil and emulsion prevents health problems for your employees. Another positive aspect is the increase in the service life of the cooling water. Cooling channels can become clogged due to contamination of the cooling water. This can be prevented by cleaning the cooling water. Excessive wear of machine parts and corrosion on workpieces can also be the result of contaminated cooling water.

Product information

Pump capacity
400 litres/hour
2 – 5 bar
emulsion with foreign oil
Mobile / movable
45 kg