Organic Jojoba Oil Vegan, Cold-pressed + 100% Pure, 100ml

Skin Care rich in Vitamin E for Soft Skin & Hair & Healthy Nails


Our jojoba oil is a 100% pure, premium-quality product, grown in organic cultivation. It is cold-pressed from select jojoba seeds via a gentle extraction process to preserve the valuable nutrients and vitamins. The oil’s neutral aroma indicates that we did not alter its natural state and vouches for the product’s purity. We forego the use of additives, fragrances, and chemicals during and after the extraction process. Organic jojoba oil is a great solution for all who wish to incorporate a natural, high-quality moisturiser into their daily skin care routine. A richness in vitamins, minerals, and essential omega fatty acids characterise our premium oil that deeply nourishes your hair, nails, and skin. By adding more tautness and elasticity, the oil rejuvenates you skin and brings back its natural beauty and radiant glow. It supports your body’s healing process of scars and stretch marks. Essential omega fatty acids repair brittle nails and damaged hair structures from the inside.

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