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KADROVIK D.O.O. has been engaged, since 2010, in the printing of packaging and manufacturing of packaging machines. Every month we deliver to European customers several shipping containers of materials and products. Our core business is the printing and sale of packaging for the packaging of consumer products. The activity of the company is complemented by the manufacture of packaging machines. Our basic mission is to enable companies to package products easily and at a lower cost. We put it to work with a rich range of our products and services - with packaging and packaging machines tailored to customers. Our strategy is based on the principles of sustainable development and is reflected in the concern for employees and the environment. We consolidate our position as one of the leading suppliers of packaging and packaging machinery in Slovenia. We do this independently by strengthening long-term business relationships and partnerships in the field of development, supply and marketing. We sell our products in Slovenia and Italy. As part of the business strategy, we set ourselves the goal of balanced sales in five different areas: Slovenia, South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Western Europe. We are intensively developing innovative packaging and value added machines, which are the fruit of our own knowledge and provide products with key advantages for many years after their entry into the market. Don't hesitate to contact us for more!

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Application SJ-3LS Full-automatic Suppository Production Line is suitable for the production of special shape such as bullet head, torpedo shape and duck bill, to meet the production of your suppository. (according to the specifications of your specifications) Performance and feature 1. High Accuracy of Filling and Combination structure of triangle knife and dot line knife. 2.Hearing system and Filling parts without sticking material on the pump. 3.Stirring tank speed adjusting system and Fractional cooling system. 4.PLC Examine system and Filling parts equipped with anti-static system. 5.Filling parts without sticking material on the pump and Sealing and Shearing 3 degrees pre-heating


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Application SJ-7ZK Full-automatic Suppository Production Line is suitable for the production of special shape such as bullet head, torpedo shape bill, to meet the production of your suppository. Performance and feature 1.Make the both of triangle and the dotted line knives completely coincide, make the bolted shell achieve the easy tear effect. 2.The on-line monitoring function of PLC can be used to detect and alarm the fault self-check. 3.Control station height reasonable design, machine operation is simple.


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The products is a kind of colourless, odourless, non-toxicity, non-irritant dimethyl cyclosiloxane material, which has excellence volatility and solubility. And the one will get comfortable and warm feel when it is filmed on the skin. It has excellence compatibility with dimethyl silicone oil, ethanol, acetic ether and other organic solvent. Solvent for some organic material, especially for dimethyl silicone oil. The basic material in personal care, it can be used in antisudorific, remove odour agent, hairspray, facial washing milk, skin cream, emulsion, bath oil, sun screener, shaving cream, nail polish so on. According to the different use, the dosage should be from 5% to 100%. stored in dry, cool and ventilated place. The product is easy to flammable, so use and package should avoid fire. And it is more easy to volatile with acid and alkali.


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Dropper assemblies are made up of three distinct parts: pipette, cap, and bulb. Glass pipettes and plastic both come with a variety of lengths to fit that perfect container. The cap is usually made of phenolic or polypropylene and can be either ribbed or smooth. The bulb is made of rubber. Our company offers machine assembly of droppers. We can assemble 50 droppers per minute or 3,000 droppers per hour. The droppers are assembled in a clean and controlled environment, we work in accordance with good manufacturing practice.

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European cardboard suppliers raise prices

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If you are engaged in production, you have probably already received information about higher prices of cardboard packaging from European suppliers. Not only is the price higher, but in some places the problem is that there is no paper, which causes printers to cancel already confirmed orders or offer printed matter from other, lower quality paper that is currently available. Raising the price of cardboard is a reality around the world, alternatives or. there are practically no exceptions, so we can only recommend that you, if possible and if you haven't already, stock up as soon as possible so that you can do business until June next year.


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