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Polyamide-imide (PAI), also known as the brand Torlon® comes in different grades and different shapes. PAI is known to be the highest performing meltable thermoplastic in terms of temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical stress. BIEGLO offers PAI semi finished products, such as rods, tubes and sheets from different PAI types: Torlon® 4203; 4301; 4275; 4435; 4645; 5030 (30% GF); 7130 (30% CF). Its mechanical strength at 205°C outperforms many engineering plastics at room temperature. The unique performance of Polyamide-imide (PAI) is the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during an extended curing process. Our PAI is processed by experienced engineers and offeres the best possible values a PAI product can have. It is suitable for many applications, such as gears, rollers, plasma chamber hardware and wafer contact fixtures.

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