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Main characteristics of Power - stretch film with high pre-stretch: High pre-stretch: This stretch film has the ability to stretch a significant distance when applied, which saves material and provides a denser, more secure package. Strength: Power - stretch film is durable and damage-resistant, which protects cargo from loss and damage during transportation and storage. Excellent adhesive ability: It provides excellent adhesion to the surface of the cargo, preventing the packaged items from shifting and sliding. Tear and puncture resistance: Power - stretch film provides reliable protection against punctures and tears, which is especially important when packaging goods with sharp corners or edges. Saving time and resources: Thanks to its high performance and pre-stretch properties, this stretch film allows you to reduce the time and cost of packaging goods.

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Our company offers innovative NANO stretch film, which is superior to conventional stretch films in strength and efficiency. Manufactured using a new patented technology and using high-quality raw materials, this film consists of 5-7 layers, unlike the usual one, consisting of 3 layers. Thanks to a larger number of layers, NANO stretch film has a smaller thickness, but at the same time maintains the quality and reliability of conventional films. Its benefits include better stretch, puncture and tear resistance. Additional advantages of NANO stretch film: Reduced Costs: Using this film reduces the cost of purchasing stretch film due to smaller volumes, without compromising the characteristics of the packaging. Optimize warehouse space: Due to the thinness of NANO film, it takes up less space in the warehouse, which improves inventory management and saves space. Disposal savings: Thinner NANO film will help reduce the cost of recycling used film and cardboard sleeves.

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Recycled stretch film is a packaging material made from recycled materials, making it more environmentally friendly. The main application of this film is associated with manual packaging, where the use of primary stretch film is not required and there is no need for increased rigidity. Features of recycled stretch film: Eco-Friendly Material: Recycling the materials used to produce this film reduces the negative impact on the environment as reusing the material reduces the need for new resources. Ease of use: Recycled stretch film has good elasticity and adhesiveness, which ensures simplicity and reliability of the packaging process. Application in various industries: Recycled stretch film can be used in various industries, such as logistics, retail, warehousing and others, where reliable packaging of goods is required without the use of virgin film.

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Here are some key features and advantages of this film: Prevention of Condensation : Antifog film is designed to prevent water condensation from forming on the inside surface of the package. This is especially important for products that may produce steam or moisture and have problems with packaging fogging, which can reduce the visibility of the product. Improved visibility : Thanks to anti-fog film, products remain visible inside the packaging even when temperature or storage conditions change. This is important for products that retailers and consumers want to see and evaluate without having to open the packaging. Application in food and non-food industries : Antifog film has found wide application in food packaging, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, seafood, as well as in non-food sectors, including cosmetics and household goods. Protecting Product Quality

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Polifilm has been successfully producing and supplying packaging materials for many years. We specialize in providing customers with polyethylene films, bags, stretch films, adhesive tapes, tapes, cardboard and paper packaging, plastic containers and other types of packaging such as caps, lids, handles, etc. We offer different packaging solutions and high-quality products on modern equipment and use only reliable materials. Thanks to our constant pursuit of the latest market trends, we are ready to offer you advanced and innovative solutions for effective packaging and reliable protection of your products for competitive prices. Our company is proud that we are not just packaging suppliers, but also true partners for our customers. We pay attention to every order and strive to fully understand your needs in order to offer the best solutions for packaging and protecting your products. We guarantee short lead time for orders and the reliability and safety of your goods during transportation and storage. We are confident that our products and service will fully meet your expectations. Our team is always ready to help you with choosing the optimal packaging materials, selecting and setting up equipment, and solving unique problems. We are always willing to consider your individual needs and provide the best possible purchasing experience. Our mission is to help you succeed, and your satisfaction is our main goal.


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