Wound filter-cartridges Type: PP, PPW (washed) Wound filter-cartridges are depth-filter-elements, produced in a special way of winding. Newest winding-machines guarantee a constant and high quality for filter-cartridges up to 60”. The PPW filter-element is wound with a special washed yarn. Washed yarn is free of wetting agents and prevents foaming.

Filtering equipment and supplies
  • Wound filter-cartridge
  • depth-filter-elements
  • high quality

Product features

Media Polypropylene (washed), Polyester, Nylon, Glass fibre, Cotton
Core Polypropylene, Stainless Steel (304), Galvanised steel
Operating temperature Max. 80° C, Steel core/other yarns: 160°C – 400°C
Outside diameter 62 mm or 114 mm
Inside diameter 27 mm
Starting ΔP 0.1 bar
Max. ΔP 2.5 bar

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