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Pro for nano offers silver nanoparticles (also called nano silver or colloidal silver). Silver nanoparticles are suspended in a carrier liquid and are supplied as a concentrated solution. Silver nanoparticles are available in two sizes: smaller particles - 15-20 nm and bigger particles - 35-40 nm. This product can be used to treat textiles, plastic, ceramic and metal surfaces. It works by releasing silver ions that inhibit growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses.

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Silver Cava products provide protection against odor in footwear, reduces face redness caused by wearing face masks and disinfects surfaces. Silver and oxygen are key elements used in all three formulations. The product line was created using nanotechnology and materials are environmentally friendly. Silver Cava face mask deodorant is laboratory tested to provide long lasting protection against harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odors. Silver Cava footwear deodorant is intended for the interior of a footwear. Upon drying a thin layer of silver is developed that works non-stop against bad odors. Green tee aroma is felt after spraying. Silver Cava disinfectant coating spray is intended to be used for surfaces. It contains ProNanoAg (silver nano), which coats the surface. It reduces bacterial, viral and fungal activity by 99.99% in 5 minutes. Effectiveness confirmed by standardized methods: EN1276:2019, EN1650:2019 and EN14476:2013.

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Pro for nano is an innovation driven company focusing on nanoparticle applications in anti-pathogen coatings, conductive inks and as a catalyst for green hydrogen production. The company has extensive experience in nanoparticle production and R&D equipment development. Pro for nano actively participates in the EU funded programs and collaborates with international partners to develop sustainable and green products and technological solutions. Pro for nano is currently offering silver and copper nanoparticles in various sizes and carrier liquids. These nanomaterials are frequently used to formulate antimicrobial and antiviral coatings. Likewise, these materials can be used to formulate conductive inks for printed electronics. We also supply an in-can preservation technology to prevent acrylic binders from bacterial or fungal contamination. The in-can biocides contain environmental and naturally sourced ingredients that are gentle to skin and environment. The technology has been tested according to the ASTM D4783 01 (2013) standard to be effective against bacterial and fungal contamination. Pro for nano produces surface spray coatings to prevent viral, bacterial and fungal pathogen spread. It has been demonstrated to be 99.99% effective against a broad range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The coating can be used for solid surfaces or textiles.

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