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Czech Rep.

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Hot foil stamping - transfer of the stamping foil. Debossing - stamping without foiling. Engraving of brass and magnesium dies - height from 1,75 to 7,00 mm. Other heigts is also possible. There is depth of the engraving according customer wishes.

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Czech Rep.

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Brass tools (cliches) are used in process of hotfoilstamping and embossing to give your product special unique look.

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Czech Rep.

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The embossing creates a relief protruding from the material without foiling. There is embossing die from brass and forces also from brass or hardplastics. Depth and the shape of the relief depends of thickness of the board caliber or customer wishes. We also offer multi-level embossing dies.

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Czech Rep.

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This tooling completeted in 1 pass embossing and cutting operation. Make ready - original creasing solution.

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Profipack manufacture and produce embossing tools for both graphics and the plastics industry. Our tools are used in wide range of sectors, such as paper industry, cardboard industry, luxury packaging, book printing, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and many more. We work to the highest standards in quality and precision and are able to supply embossing stamps and tools at short notice. Profipack is family company, with experience of more than 20 years on the market. HOT FOIL STAMPING: Involves the precise transfer of stamping foil onto materials. EMBOSSING: This technique generates a raised relief on materials without incorporating foil. Our embossing dies are available in brass, while we use forces made from brass or hard plastics. DIE CUTTING TOOLS WITH INTEGRATED EMBOSSING: This tooling facilitates embossing and cutting operations simultaneously in one pass. FLUTED FOILING: This tooling combines embossing and hot foil stamping in a single pass. MICRORELIEF / HOLOGRAMS / PROTECTIVE ELEMENTS: Fine structure foiling achieves intriguing effects. We create protective elements without the use of holographic foil. BRAILLE EMBOSSING: Utilizing a universal female matrix, primarily employing major Braille fonts in use across Europe. SILICONE TOOLING: Enables foil transfer for plastic application using silicone dies. THIN PLATE TOOLING: Utilizing brass dies mounted on steel plates, tailored according to your machine's specifications.

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