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Our services for research : - DNA services Development of simplex or multiplex real-time PCR tests Development of DNA extraction methods for all matrices Production of PCR kits (tubes or prefilled plates) as per ISO13485 Development of LAMP tests (isothermal DNA amplification) Development of PCR for sequencing applications (Sanger and NGS) Development of fragment analysis tests (fingerprint analysis – 22 markers) - Protein services Development of ELISA tests - Pathogen services Development of PCR methods for virus and bacteria detection Development of rapid bacteria and virus lysis.

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We carry out the following analyses on foodstuffs, organic materials and rinse water. DNA detection We detect the DNA of various plant and animal species for you using real-time PCR. DNA quantification Once a positive detection has been established, the DNA detected can be quantified for both plant and animal species. Meat traceability This test is used to compare the genetic profiles of two samples taken from an animal (for example an ear in the abattoir and meat in the supermarket). This is used to prove whether or not the samples come from the same individual animal. Identification We use sequencing and the bioinformatic analysis of certain genes to identify the bacteria, plant or animal species in a sample.

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Kits FastScreenTM: Animal DNA detection kit, suitable for use on production sites. This innovative kit can be used on production sites and can detect the slightest trace of animal DNA in raw meat or processed products. There are four types of FastScreen: for detecting beef, horse, chicken or pork. USP: Result in less than one hour More sensitive than PCR (<0.0001%) No technical expertise required Minimal equipment, all contained in a single case Kits EasyFastTM: Animal, plant or micro-organism DNA detection and quantification kit, only for laboratory use. The most sensitive DNA kit on the market (0.0001%)! Designed to make your life easier with a single mastermix for all reagents. Simply add your DNA samples. There are four types of EasyFast: DNA extraction, micro-organism detection, animal species detection and plant species detection.

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Progenus is committed to contributing to animal wellbeing. We take pride in recommending the appropriate genetic analyses for your animal’s breed. You can also use a DNA profile to certify its identity and parentage. All these analyses comply with the ISO17025 standard, for which we are accredited. We are also ISAG 2006 certified with a category 1 rings test result (more than 99% reliable). In addition to diseases, you can also carry out other tests to determine markers such as coat colour, hair length, short tail, etc. We are constantly developing our range of tests by keeping up to date with the latest scientific progress or participating ourselves via our Research department. If you need a specific test or wish to have our scientific opinion, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

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Progenus, a Belgian company that specialises in working with DNA, stands out thanks to its innovative scientific approach. Our work covers four key areas: research, analyses for the agrifood sector, the production of analysis kits and analyses for animals. Our mission is to provide clients with a reliable, affordable and high quality scientific environment to assist them with their innovative projects and to perform custom DNA analyses. Our communications with all our clients are clear and easy to understand, anticipating risks to work for a safer world. Our laboratories are fitted with the most up-to-date technologies and comply will all quality requirements for molecular biology. We offer sequencers, real-time PCR apparatus, robotised DNA extraction systems, etc. Feel free to contact us for more details!


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5032 Gembloux (isnes) - Belgium


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  • Scientific research centres and laboratories
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  • Analysis kits for the agrifood sector
  • Meat traceability analyses
  • Food product traceability
  • Food DNA analysis
  • DNA tests for animals
  • DNA tests for horses
  • DNA tests for cats