Panel Miniature Locking Insert (PMLI)

Panel Miniature Insert


Use: Built-in couplings for assembly with panel kits into complete miniature panels. Advantage: Self-locking connector. The locking device prevents accidental faulty connections and unintentional disconnection during the measurement process. Compatible with miniature connector plug CMP- and miniature jack CMJ-XX. Mechanical design: • Housing of high quality fibreglass-filled thermoplastic plastic. • Contacts of original thermocouple materials. • Spring-loaded sockets. • Reverse polarity protection by different contact pin widths. • Conductor guides for prevention of short-circuits. • Screw terminals enable quick connection. • Polarity designation next to the connection screws.

Connectors, electronic
  • Panel Miniature
  • Locking Insert
  • Self-locking connector

Product features

Conductor Diameter Up to 0.6 mm
Max. Cable Diameter 4.5 mm
Temperature Load Max. 350 °C
Online Available Type K, J, E, N, T, U, R/S, B
On Request Type C
Colour Designations Body color brown

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