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Versatile, elastic, with a high level of protection and thermal and acoustic insulation, wood has always been used to guarantee and improve the quality of life in the environment. A parquet Floor is above all an aesthetic choice, it is made for those who want to give their home an atmosphere without age, classic and modern at the same time, and therefore always current. In particular, the wooden floor gives domestic environments all the beauty and comfort of living our daily lives. Obviously, it is appropriate to choose based on various subjective/objective factors and our advice serves to integrate our expertise and experience in the need of your requirements. Sgambetterra offer services of the sale and installation in both solid wood parquet and prefinished parquet. Do you want to understand the difference? Read the guide below. Do you still have any doubts? Contact us, our consultants will be able to advise you the best in choosing the parquet that best suits your needs.