PeenPearl blasting abrasive / blasting media

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WIWOX PeenPearl® are the new mineral abrasives with the perfect spherical shape. It consists of aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) in combination with a high content of titanium dioxide (TiO₂). Its texture is exceptionally dense and resistant to breakage. Other mineral blasting material, such as glass-beads are indirection lifetime exceeded many times over. According low is the dust in a blasting room as well as the volume of waste for disposal. WIWOX PeenPearl® produces extremely smooth, shiny surfaces, ideal for the visual appearance of high-quality components. By the uniform compaction can functional Surfaces to be improved in their properties (Shot-Peening effect). The contained iron oxide (TiO₂) is completely crystalline bound. Ferrite residues on Surfaces are therefore excluded. For the processing of stainless steels and nonferrous metals opened WIWOX PeenPearl® blasting abrasives new perspectives.

  • Precious and semiprecious stones and pearls
  • Abrasives/blasting material/blast pellets
  • Mineral blasting abrasives
  • Mineral blasting media

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