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    FRANCE- Capdenac Gare
    LABORATOIRE NUTERGIA - Verified by Europages Thanks to the wide variety of their food-supplements as well as their wide recognition by numerous health professionals, they are able to offer advice in order to help you rebalance your...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | food supplements based on essential oils | online sales of food supplements | nutritional supplements | Foods, health [+] Vitamins and provitamins | Pharmaceutical products | Phytotherapy products | Medicines, patent | Health and fitness | psychological and physical treatment for well-being | antioxidants | osteoarticular treatments | natural medicines | vitamins

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    FRANCE- Lardier Valença
    HERBIOLYS LABORATOIRE - Verified by Europages

    Herbiolys Laboratoire was founded in 2004 by the coming together of botanists, ethnobotanists and pickers who were passionate about the plant world. Specialists in fresh organic plant extracts from...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | Phytotherapy products [+] propolis | medicinal plant extracts | organic gemmotherapy laboratory | gemmotherapy | fresh bud glycerine macerate | organic phytotherapy | fresh organic plant complexes | organic flower essence | organic hive products | organic birch sap

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  • Lactalis Nutrition Santé is wholly-owned by LACTALIS, a French group and the worldwide dairy industry leader. The division is specialized in infant nutrition, including infant powder milk, its star...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Powdered and condensed milk | Milk substitutes for babies | natural aromas for dairy products | household products distribution [+] prepacked dairy products processing workshop | organic milk powder | baby milk formula supplier | infant milk powder manufacturer | supplier of milk substitutes for babies | french powder milk manufacturer | baby food supplier | private label infant nutrition | health and nutrition products and infant milk powder | nutritional product manufacturer

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    AKVION, JSC - Verified by Europages

    We, VTF-AKVION Group, are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of natural and unique products for healthy living. We develop and market unique products for healthy lifestyle. All products...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | vitamin supplements | Phytotherapy products | Vitamins and provitamins | Beauty products [+] Cosmetics | Pharmaceutical products | Medicines | functional foods | antiseptics | antioxidants | natural product | vitamins | workshop preparations | food additives

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  • Our company has a clear focus as a supplier and service provider to the food industry, particularly to the fruit juice and beverage sector. Our valuable fruits are produced both as end products and...

    Supplier of: food supplements | Extracts, food | Fruit juices | Cosmetics | vegetable extracts [+] concentrated fruit juices | animal feed | organic fruit juice | sea buckthorn products | sea buckthorn oil | organic products | fruit extracts | organic fruit juices | jerusalem artichoke products | aronia products

    • Cosmetics Industry Cosmetics Industry
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    GERMANY- Merseburg
    GLACONCHEMIE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The core competence of GLACONCHEMIE lies in the production of high-quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerine and the development of its derivatives. In our sustainably designed production...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | fatty acids | glycerol | methanol | industrial chemicals [+] excipients | additives for the foodstuffs industry | basic chemicals | chemical intermediary products | chemical products for the petrochemicals sector and refineries | cosmetic chemicals | cyclic and aliphatic compounds | organic oxides and peroxides | chemicals – import-export | organic chemicals – raw materials and derivatives

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul
    EC PLAZA - Verified by Europages

    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Make-up | Beauty products | Cosmetics | Skin-care products [+] Bags | Textile - import-export | E-business - services | Leather Goods | Tools & Hardware | construction material | electronics | accessories for pets | packing | household appliance

    • BF-7 Fibroin memory BF-7 Fibroin memory
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    GERMANY- Uelzen
    BHI NUTRINEO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a private label manufacturer for powdered and RTD products, we provide all services required from a single source. nutrineo is part of the BHI Biohealth International Group and combines decades of...

    Supplier of: food supplement | Food specialities | refreshing exotic fruit drink | dietetic foods | food compounds [+] milk proteins | energy drinks | protein concentrate; | whey proteins | organic products | products for enteral nutrition | proteins | contract manufacturing of dietic products | product development | sports drinks

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    GERMANY- Offenburg
    SCHWARZWALDMILCH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH Offenburg has many years of experience in the spray drying sector. We have been active as a contract manufacturer and reliable partner for renowned companies from the food and...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | raw materials for food supplements | Additives, food | food industry | additives for the foodstuffs industry [+] milk derivatives | powdered milk | dried cream | contract manufacturing of raw materials in powder form | commissioned manufacturing of medicines | commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements | spray dryer | contracted drying | spray drying | contract manufacturing of raw materials in powder form

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  • ACT has been successfully selling a steadily increasing number of raw materials of the highest certified quality for 30 years. Founded in 1985 in Hamburg by Dr. Ramin Ghaffari, ACT is now a growing...

    Supplier of: food supplements | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products | Vitamins and provitamins | additives for the foodstuffs industry [+] vanillin | flavourings | ascorbic acid | amino-acids | vitamins | acidifier | amino acid | amino acids - peptides | vegetable extracts | acidity correctors

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    AUSTRIA- Eggenburg
    HANFTASIA E.U. - Verified by Europages

    CBD wholesale & CBD oil contract bottling. Hanftasia e.U. is a manufacturer, wholesaler and quality supplier of CBD products. CBD White Label - CBD Private Label - CBD bulk quantities The company...

    Supplier of: food supplements | food supplements, liquid | animal feed supplement | Oils and resinoids | hemp [+] cbd emulsions | cbd crystals | cbd oils | cbd powders | hemp oil | full range of cbd oils | cbd oil thc-free | cbd oil pets | cbd isolate | cbd ointment

    Brands : Hanftasia

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    BELGIUM- Tamines
    BELLAVIE SPRL - Verified by Europages fight infectious diseases in children. Our food supplements are composed of probiotics, probiotics and nutraceuticals. This combination offers a better approach to resolve the problems we are...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | food supplements | online sales of food supplements | food supplements to boost immunity | manufacturer of private label food supplements [+] own-brand food supplements | health food supplements for children | food supplements to lower cholesterol | food supplement to tackle diabetes | food supplements to reduce fatigue | food supplements to reduce stress | producer of organic food supplements | health supplement manufacturer | dietary supplement laboratory | creation of dietary supplements

    • BellaVie STRESS BellaVie STRESS
    • BellaVie CHILDREN BellaVie CHILDREN
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    POLAND- Prostki
    POL-FOODS SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    POL-FOODS SP. Z O.O. buys products in 48 countries around the world and we sell products in 97 countries making our business truly global. Trading in so many countries and cultures requires thorough...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Beverages - import-export | Baby foods | Food - import-export | Drinks [+] Non-alcoholic drinks | Confectionary | Coffee and tea | Nuts | Wood products | frozen meat export | wholesale beverages | canned foods and of vegetables | food distribution | food industry

    • Bournvita Bournvita FOOD & BEVERAGE'S
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    NETHERLANDS- Mijnsheerenland

    ...products, more specifically CBD oil, and food supplements. Our product range also includes CBG and CBN oil as well as CBDV and CBC oil and CBD flowers or CBD Buds. We strive to manufacture...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Oils and resinoids | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | tetrahydrocannabivarine | cbd oil [+] cbd oil for animals | cbd oil 4% | cbd oil 10% | cbd oil 20% | cbd products | natural cbd products | white label cbd products | cbg oil | cbdv oil | cbn oil

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    FRANCE- Lille
    WOODYLINE - Verified by Europages

    We are a French company based in Lille, France. We produce and distribute our own Bio Hemp products and accessories for all kinds of needs. Our company is partnered with other producers and...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | hemp seed oil | cbd | cbd flowers | cbd oils [+] cbd products | cbd biscuits | cbd resin | food-grade cbd | cbd crystals | cbd infusions | cbd sodas | cbd essential oils | cbd sweets | cbd snacks


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  • ...and super foods. Our natural supplements include: Plant based skin nutrients, multivitamin supplements, vegan supplements and probiotic & prebiotic complex. Our company complies to the highest EU standards for...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | organic food supplements | vegan supplements | collagen supplements | vitamin supplements [+] Dietary and organic foods | encapsulation of super foods | vitamin c | minerals | natural ingredients | vitamins | probiotics | gluten-free products | maca | amino-acids

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    RUSSIA- Izhevsk
    YALOGA-NT - Verified by Europages

    Yaloga-NT Company, organized in 2016, produces additives and ingredients for the food industry (food gel colors, natural food colors) under the brand KREDA. Food colors are used for the coloring of...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Additives, food | Food - import-export | Food and beverage additives | natural food colourings [+] additives for the food processing industry | additives for the foodstuffs industry | baking ingredients | ingredients for the food industry | natural dyes | natural colouring agents for the food and preservation industries | functional foods | additives, colourings and pigments for food preparations | food ingredients | food ingredients for precooked meals

    • Food additives Food additives Food additives with flavor identical to natural KREDA, 8 flavors
    • Dry flickering food dye powder (pollen) for decorating Dry flickering food dye powder (pollen) for decorating Dry flickering food dye powder (pollen) for decorating Metallic, 12 colors.
    • Dry flickering food dye powder Dry flickering food dye powder Dry flickering food dye powder (pollen) for decorating Velvet
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    ALPLANT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    CBD wholesale with the Swiss pioneer. Alplant GmbH was founded in 2016 by the hemp producer, Claudio Buholzer, and the chemist, Dr. Jebril Hadi from the University of Bern, with the aim of producing...

    Supplier of: food supplements | Extracts, food | hemp | organic products | natural product [+] cbd flowers | cbd drops | cbd oils | cannabis | cbd crystals | cbd emulsions | cbd powders | hemp oil | hemp fabrics | natural products

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    GERMANY- Bardowick
    NHU EUROPE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are an important partner in the whole chain, from production of vitamins, amino acids, colourants and flavouring/scents through to end users in the food, animal feed and cosmetics industries....

    Supplier of: food supplements | Cosmetics | vitamins | ascorbic acid | amino-acids [+] food ingredients | vitamin a | vitamin b6 | vitamin c | vitamin d3 | vitamin e, synthetic | coenzyme q10 | tocopherol | biotin | beta-carotene

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    FRANCE- Carnoet
    VITALAC - Verified by Europages

    VITALAC specializes in manufacturing animal nutrition and health products. VITALAC has a range of quality products for farmers, distributors and industrialists. The company advises and guides its...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | mineral supplements for livestock | Feeds for animal farming | bovine feed | feeds for pigs [+] food for animal husbandry | animal nutrition | animal feed | mineral feed for dairy cows | mineral feed for ruminants | feed for calf raising | powdered milk for calves | minerals for sows | acidifiers for feeding pigs | farmed poultry feed

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    PROVACAN - Verified by Europages

    Thousands of British Consumers trust Provacan as their go-to CBD brand of choice. Provacan has established itself as a market leader in the CBD sector with high-quality, well-researched products....

    Supplier of: Food supplements | supplements | sports supplements | Cosmetics | hemp [+] cannabis | cannabis oil | hemp oil | cbd | cbd oil | cannabidiol | terpenes | hemp products | hemp cosmetics | sports balms

    • Provacan Provacan Premium Gold CBD Soft Gel Capsules 1200mg / 60 pack
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    AUSTRIA- Suben
    DRGREEN E.U. - Verified by Europages

    Personal consultation. Our team are happy to advise you on your project. Ordering service. Is what you're looking for not listed on our online shop? No problem! Comprehensive range. We assemble a...

    Supplier of: food supplements | organic food supplements | Additives, food | hemp | vegetable extracts [+] organic foods | vegetable products | gem derivatives | cbd flowers | cbd oils | cbd drops | greenhouse equipment | led lighting systems | cbd crystals | hemp oil

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  • CBD-Vertriebskompetenz GmbH is a pioneer when it comes to medical CBD in Austria. We can explain the correct dosages and uses not only to end customers but also to therapists and healthcare...

    Supplier of: food supplements | organic food supplements | food supplements based on essential oils | food supplements, liquid | raw materials for food supplements [+] Sales Department | wholesale diet foods | integrators | cbd oils | cbd powders | hemp oil | cbd oil | natural, non-synthetic cbd | standardised cbd product | cbd

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    LEGEND PRODUCTS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to Legend Products. All the raw material cultivation and the manufacture of the products offered takes place in Switzerland. All products are demonstrably organically cultivated and...

    Supplier of: food supplements | Tea | hemp | essential oils | organic products [+] cbd flowers | cbd oils | cbd drops | creme | hemp cosmetics | hemp oil | cbd emulsions | tincture | ointments | syrup

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  • ...for food supplements: Heidelberger Supplement Services – a brand of Heidelberger Chlorella GmbH. As an established manufacturer in the German-speaking world, we are your specialist for ultra-pure food...

    Supplier of: food supplements | contract manufacturer of food supplements | development of food supplements | raw materials for food supplements | contract bottling of food supplements [+] food supplement packaging | getting food supplements manufactured | contract manufacturer of organic food supplements | food supplement manufacturer germany | food supplements, liquid | Extracts, food | contract manufacturer of capsules | medicinal plant extracts | contract filling of dietary supplements | commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements

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    GERMANY- Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
    ARVALOO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Arvaloo is active in the production and trade of hemp and CBD products. We primarily supply wholesalers and health and wellness brands. In addition to our headquarters in Germany, we also have...

    Supplier of: food supplements | Cosmetics | natural cosmetics | hemp | cbg [+] cbd oils | cbd extracts | cbd isolate | cbd drops | hemp infusions | hemp oil | hemp cosmetics | melatonin sleep oil | terpenes | hemp clothing

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    RUSSIA- Ivanovo
    KONDIPROM  LLC - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to KONDIPROM LLC! Our products: sugar mastic, marzipan, food colorings, fat additives, confectionery and baking mixes, gels, improvers, food ingredients. We are a fast-growing company that...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Additives, food | Food and beverage additives | Food preservatives | SWEETS [+] Biscuit making | Food flavourings | Stabilisers, food | Cake mixes | basic food preparations for patisseries | baking ingredients | ingredients for the food industry | acidity correctors | natural dyes | natural colouring agents for the food and preservation industries

    • Gel coloring matter, water-soluble Gel coloring matter, water-soluble "Mirror Color" (50gr), red color
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    GERMANY- Berlin
    BERKEMED GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The founders of BerkeMed are enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who were motivated to help humanity to build a healthy environment. BerkeMed emerged with this inspiration and a concern for health. The main...

    Supplier of: food supplements | Masks, safety | protective equipment | respirator mask | surgical mask [+] rapid test | antigen test | blood pressure monitor | hygiene | care needs | patient needs | respiratory masks | rapid coronavirus antigen tests | rapid coronavirus tests | coronavirus self-tests

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    VITO-HOUSE, LLC - Verified by Europages

    Vito-House is part of the Bestseller Group (, an international food distribution company. Vito-House was founded in 2014 (on the market for 6 years) and is engaged in the...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Honey | Food and beverage additives | Yeasts and leavens, edible | Additives and adjuvants for drinks [+] Food - import-export | Soft drinks | dry brewers' yeasts | alcohols | bread yeasts | yeasts for the beverage industry | food industry | distribution of food products | ethyl alcohol | food ingredients

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    RUSSIA- Khimki
    INNOVANTA, LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...We manufacture not only clinical nutrition but also healthy nutrition for children and adults, sports nutrition, vitamin supplements, and products for weight loss, weight gain, and weight stabilization.

    Supplier of: Food supplements | vitamin supplements | slimming supplement | Baby foods | Foods - sports [+] Vitamins and provitamins | Food and beverage additives | Protein additives | Dietary and organic foods | Additives, food | milk flour for toddlers | diet aids | treated feeds | foodstuffs | dietetic foods

    • Protein mix ProZOZH Protein mix ProZOZH Protein mix ProZOZH for food enrichment
    • Milkshake LateMa Milkshake LateMa MILKSHAKE FOR CHILDREN AND TODDLERS LateMa
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