Planishing hammer GL 2 KIT 1

Planishing tool GL 2 KIT 1 for planishing sheet metal, ECKOLD®
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The planishing hammer GL 2 is the perfect tool to give the best possible surface finish on sheet metal parts already preformed. Even fine laser seams can be quickly and easily smoothed with the GL 2 planishing hammer. The ECKOLD GL 2 comes into play wherever sheet metal needs to be formed by hand. The GL 2 is used in car body repairs, vintage car restoration, appliances production, furniture design and even the arts and crafts sector. The planishing hammer is also extremely suitable to correct warpage after edging. The ECKOLD GL 2 planishing hammer is supplied with special inserts for planishing, stretching and curving. ECKOLD now offers special plastic inserts for forming without damage to the surface, and inserts with flexible shafts for better access to corners and edges. This GL 2 planishing hammer KIT 1 with a handy wall bracket, consisting of: Planishing hammer GL 2 Planishing insert steel Stretching insert steel Curving insert steel Order now!

  • Metalworking - portable power tools
  • Sheet metal planishing tool
  • Metal finishing machine
  • Planishing hammer for car body working

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Target sectors
Classic cars restoration, body repairs, car body
Aluminium, steel, stainless steel


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37444 St. Andreasberg - Germany