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Plants components, food technology

Ohmic heating, Hot-water module, automatic manway


Ohmic heating is a gentle, continuous process for heating of products, especially for products to keep their lumpiness, such as fruits, vegetables, spices, and other foodstuffs. Heating occurs via electricity, whereby the product functions as electrical resistor. Compared to the conventional cooking methods, the product is not heated over a hot surface, but, rather, uniformly over the entire cross-section. Using the hot-cold water systems is greatly beneficial, for generating energy efficiency as well as for enhancing process control with respect to the direct use of steam as heating medium. Especially in horizontal mixing systems, hot-cold water systems offer optimal conditions for realising the highest product quality and for preserving the lumpiness of the products. The automatic snap-closing manway is excellently suited to facilitate the frequent opening and closing processes. Owing to the heat and humidity, it is critical to add the additives in the cooking apparatuses through sta

Cooking and smoke-curing equipment for delicatessens
  • Ohmic heating
  • Automatic manway
  • Hot-water module

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