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Special doublepiston system achieved low vibration while cutting speed improved!! SSW110 has many feature on the followings...... Low vibration is achieved by the special design of double piston mechanism. New adoption of piston rings minimized power loss and improved cutting efficiency. Longer piston stroke improved cutting speed so much. Rear exhaust system for chipscatteringfree operation. New doublelock throttle lever prevents unintended. Cutting Capacity Max. plate thickness 3mm (for Mild Steel)

Needles, industrial
  • Piston Rings
  • Piston Stroke
  • Reciprocating Saw

Product features

Stroke 11 mm
Stroke Speed 7.000 min-1
Air Consumption (No load) 0.29 m³/min
Mass (Weight) 0.62 kg
Standard Accessories Hex. Socket Screw Key 3 1 pc.
Standard Accessories Bushing PT1/4 x NPT1/4 1 pc.
Standard Accessories Saw Blade 32 2 pcs.

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