Polyester Heater Foils

Flexible Heating Elements


Polyester Foil Heaters consist of a conductive ink between two insulation layers of polyester. With a max. size of 950 x 600 mm, their height averages to 0.2 mm. As you can see in the pictures almost every outline and all kind of holes are feasible. Naturally we can integrate safety- and controlling devices such as limiters, cutouts, thermocouples, and resistance sensors. The heater can be pressed on or fixed with a self-adhesive foil. Wrapped in PVC, the use in liquids is possible as well. Typical applications are e. g. mirror heaters, water bed heaters, or low temperature room heaters. For terrarium and aquarium heaters we offer standard elements as well.

  • Polyester heater
  • flexible heater mats
  • heating foil

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