Precision volume dispenser eco-PEN300

for 1-component materials / microdosing


The preeflow precision volume dispenser eco-PEN 300, made by ViscoTec, is ideally suited for dosing tasks with low to high viscosity materials (e.g. dosing of adhesives, fluids or pastes). The proven ViscoTec endless piston principle, which is based on an progressive cavity pump, is a rotating, absolutely pressure-tight displacement system consisting of a self-sealing rotor and stator. Due to the controlled rotary movement of the rotor, delivery is generated by displacement of the medium in the stator. Pumping without changing the medium is guaranteed. As the material can also be conveyed backwards, preeflow® guarantees a clean, controlled material or medium break-off without dripping. Application: Whether dot dosing, with highest volumetric accuracy, most precise bead application with application speed adjustable to the application speed or in potting technology - preeflow means micro dosing in perfection.

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