Volumetric dispenser eco-DUO450

2-component precision volume dosing unit / positive displacement pump


The 2-component positive displacement pump eco-DUO450, made by ViscoTec, allows many applications for the 2-component dispensing area. Possible fields of application are e.g. electronic components, semiconductor production, LCD/LED/OLED, photovoltaics, medical technology, biochemistry, laboratory, optics and photonics or SMD/SMT and many more. Application: - Dot dosing, with highest volumetric accuracy - bead application with application speed adjustable to the web speed - Potting technology Your advantages: - True volumetric dosing - Retreat effect - Viscosity-independent dosing - Easy cleaning - dosing independent of inlet pressure - Adjustable dosing flow - Pressure-tight without valve - Dosing pressures up to 40 bar

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