Premium disinfectant dispenser

with contactless disinfectant dispenser - wall mounting


The crisis caused by the corona virus has made us all aware of the exigency for extensive public hygiene. More and more people appreciate the possibility to disinfect their hands in a few simple steps, and this exigency will only increase in the future. With our contactless hygiene dispenser, you are perfectly equipped. The customer or visitor places their hands under the sensor and the disinfectant is dispensed automatically and in ideal doses. Regular hand washing and disinfecting with contactless disinfectant dispensers has a major impact on the spread of germs and viruses, avoiding contamination of our skin, surfaces, clothes, etc. Ethanol-based disinfectant (Edecon® Hygienic Gel) dissolves the coat of the virus, making it harmless for humans.

Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment
  • Automatic dispenser
  • hand disinfectant dispenser
  • wall mounted dispenser

Product features

Colour white RAL 9010

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