Premium quality horse meat - Rib

Premium quality horse meat - Rib


[Product Description] Jolly Jolie’s Horse Rib treats are made from the finest Mongolian horse meat and rib bones. Contains no artificial flavors, colors, & preservatives. Rib bones are ideal for improving and maintaining the oral health of your beloved dog. Chewy and juicy meat on the hard rib bones will keep your dog entertained for a long time. Low in fat and a rich source of protein, omega-3, iron, Vitamin B, and other minerals. [Product Feature] The premium dog snack developed by our company is made of 100% pure natural horse meat and pure milk from yaks and cows. *100% Natural Horse Meat Products *GLUTEN - FREE & GRain - FREE & STEROID - FREE Pure natural products with no additives (artificial flavors, preservatives) that can be free from dog health, steroids, gluten, and grains, and also reduce dog aggression. [Product Use] Healthy snacks suitable for average adult dog with normal activity.

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