The Prosonic Flow P clamp-on sensor was specially designed for the process industry. Combined with the Prosonic Flow 93 transmitter with touch control, four line display and extended functionality Prosonic Flow 93P offers high accuracy in standard applications.

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Product features

Measuring Principle Ultrasonic flow
Product headline The flowmeter for hazardous area installations with a wide range of analog and digital outputs.
Sensor features Increased safety for chemical and petrochemical industry – international hazardous area approvals. N
Transmitter features Highest performance – extended functionality and diagnostics. Flexible data transfer options – numer
Nominal diameter range Single channel, 1 or 2 paths : DN15 to 4000 (1/2 to 160"); Dual channel, 1 or 2 paths : DN15 to 4000
Wetted materials Clamp on system:; Sensor holder 1.4308/CF-8; Sensor housing 1.4301/304; Strapping bands 1.4301/304
Measured variables Volume flow channel 1&2, average volume flow, volume flow difference, sound velocity, flow velocity,
Max. measured error Volume flow:; ±3% o.r. for DN15; ±2% o.r. for DN25 to DN200; ±2% o.r. above DN200
Measuring range 0.3 to 10 m/s (1 to 33 ft/s)
Max. process pressure N/A