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Products Description It is clear liquid, free from suspended matter and with pungent odor. It can be dissolved in water, ethanol, glycerol, and ethyl ether, but not in carbon disulfide. Density: 1.04928 Melting Point: 16.665 Boiling Point: 117.9C Viscosity: 1.22 Flash Point: 43C Refraction Index: 1.3715 Firing Point: 465C Explosion Rate: 4%-16%. Application widely used for preparation of vinegar anhydride, vinyl acetate, acetic ester, metal acetic acid salt, chloroacetic acid, cellulose acetate, etc., used in the production of ethyl acetate, edible spices, wine with spices used as analytical reagent, such as solvent and soaker.

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United Kingdom

Sodium acid pyrophosphate ◆Na2H2P2O7 ◆Technical / Food grade ◆Powder ◆CAS Number 7758-16-9 Used as acidity- adjuser ,emulsifier ,complexing,expanding agent in food industry. Used as a leavening agent, used for baking food, to control the fermentation speed; For noodles, it can shorten the rehydration time of the finished product, and make the noodles not sticky or rotten; Used in biscuits and cakes, it can shorten the fermentation time, reduce the product breakage rate, loosen the gaps neatly, and prolong the storage period.SAPP Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate :White powder or granular;Relative density 1.86g/cm3;Soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol; If its aqueous solution is heated together with diluted inorganic acid, it will be hydrolyzed into Phosphoric Acid; It is hydroscopic, and when absorbing humidity it will become into a product with hexa-hydrates; If it is heated at a temperature above 220℃, it will be decomposed into sodium meta phosphate.

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1. Product Description: The product is a new and highly efficient inorganic polymer coagulant, It has a good flocculation effect, low prices .The solid product is manufactured by spray-drying technology.   2.Product performance: The solid type is light yellow powder, liquid type is light yellow liquid.   3.Product Properties and Advantages: 1. Good effective and lower cost.Its purifying effect on low-temperature, low turbidity and heavily organic polluted raw water is much better than other organic flocculant, furthermore, the treatment cost is lower. 2. Flocculation ability .It can lead to quick formation of flocculantwith big size and rapid precipitation service life of cellular filter of sedimentation basin. 3. PH broad in scope.It can adapt to a wide range of PH value (5−9), and can reduce the PH value and basicity after processing. 4.Adopting to various source of water. The dosage is smaller than that of other flocculants.

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Aluminum fluoride Aluminum fluoride is colorless or white crystals. Insoluble in water, insoluble in acid and alkali. It is very stable in nature and can be hydrolyzed under heating. Mainly used for aluminum. Aluminum trichloride and hydrofluoric acid, ammonia water system. Chemical properties: There was no reaction with liquid ammonia or concentrated sulfuric acid, or with hydrated potassium hydroxide. Not reduced by hydrogen, strong heat does not decompose but sublimates, and its properties are very stable. Heating to 300-400°C can be partially decomposed by steam into hydrogen fluoride and aluminum oxide.

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The company QUAY CHEMICALS B.V, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 2003, which operates in the Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives industry. It also operates in the Timber, acetic acid, Acid Sodium Pyrophosphate, and anhydrous aluminium chloride industries. It is based in London, United Kingdom.

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5 Greenwich View Place

E14 9NN London - United Kingdom


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  • Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives
  • Timber
  • acetic acid
  • Acid Sodium Pyrophosphate
  • anhydrous aluminium chloride
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