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    New in our range the replacement Scanreco RSC7230 battery https://www.racaparts.com/blog-and-promo...
    New in our range RSC7230
    From now on Raca also supplies the replacement Scanreco remote control battery RSC7230. The RSC7230 is suitable for Scanreco RC400 / 590/592/960 / HMF / Fassi / Palfinger / Effer / RC400 / FBS590 / 16131 / Marrel 500 / Cifa. This battery replaces the original SC593 battery from Scanreco.
    What is the difference between the RSC7220 and the RSC7230?
    Besides the RSC7230 we also offer the well-known RSC7220. Both remote control batteries are suitable to replace the original Scanreco battery. The difference is the number of milliamps-hours. RSC7230 can provide your remote control more power for longer time because of more capacity instead of RSC7220.
    Why choose a replacement remote control battery?
    Why you should choose a replacement battery? We are happy to answer this question. Read more..
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