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RATEC is innovation leader in magnetic formwork technology for precast concrete production. Our formwork systems and mould solutions are in use in 72 countries worldwide. With extensive development work and smart solutions, we have set standards in the industry over the past 20 years.

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With the SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box, we have set the standard for switchable shuttering magnets in the precast concrete plant. The SPB is the original and offers absolute reliability and durability with its integrated ProMagnet, even in diffi cult conditions. The magnetic retaining core is tested regularly in our own magnet production to meet the specifi ed retaining force. The SPB is ready to accommodate adapters and various shuttering skin carriers, which offer countless usage possibilities and thus maximum fl exibility for the future. The Verbus rib screw connection offers countless possibilities for attaching shuttering skin carriers of all types and for integrating systems such as, e.g. Doka, Peri, Hbeam carriers or RATEC shuttering systems. Our standard magnets of the ProMagnet series are used in all RATEC magnet components and shuttering systems. Our inhouse magnet production allows us to tailor the magnets


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The EURO RTM standard magnets were the first magnetic components to introduce magnetic shuttering solutions to modern precast concrete production. With their compact design and reliable retaining force, they are still suitable for many shuttering tasks and are used today in numerous plants. The special shape allows for various accessory components to be slipped over and safely fixed in place through positive locking. For secure attachment of multifunctional slipon shuttering or the RATEC universal adapter set, as well as for installation into existing plywood shuttering. PROPERTIES Compact design High retaining force with minimal weight Smooth, easy to clean surfaces on all sides Crosssection with negative draft for creating pressurecontact fit with Ushaped side rail Insulated on all sides, only the contact surface is magnetic The special shape allows for various accessory components to be slipped over and safely fixed in place through positive locking.


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Thanks to the high retaining force, the standard magnet series is perfectly suitable for stabilising shuttering formworks of all types. All series are available with or without handlebar grip and with or without additional holes to accommodate angles. The usage possibilities of the standard magnets can be extended individually through accessories such as longitudinal or frontal suppressing or clamping adapters. Magnetic rubber (series A) or neodymium magnets (series P and PDA) Temperature exposure up to 60 °C, series P and PDA on request up to 80 °C Eccentric removable Smooth surfaces, easy to clean


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The magnetic strips of the MLU series are particularly suitable for installation in Ushaped longitudinal and transversal shuttering in the production of girder slabs. Magnetic rubber or neodymium magnets Temperature exposure up to 60 °C, on request up to 80 °C Can be delivered with or without chamfer Partially available with and without groove The adhesion side is polished The open design is also available with aluminium caps screwed to the front The magnet is released with a separate lifting tool

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Magnetschalungslösung für vorgespannte Betonelemente

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Wir haben kürzlich einen Querabsteller für die Herstellung vorgespannter Deckenelemente in der Bahnenfertigung entwickelt. Die Schalung basiert auf unserer SAS Standard Automatik Schalung und besteht aus einem Basisteil mit integrierten Hochleistungsmagneten und vorgeformten Aufnahmen für die Litzen im Abstand von je 125 mm. Nach dem Einlegen und Spannen der Litzen wird das Oberteil der Schalung auf das magnetisch fixierte Basisteil gesetzt und verschraubt. Diese Lösung wurde auf Wunsch des Kunden entwickelt. Für das Handling mittels Traverse verfügen beide Teile über Greifknöpfe zur Aufnahme. Die Basisschalung kann jedoch auch per Roboter platziert werden. Durch die Lösung gewinnt der Kunde Zeit durch das schnellere Setzen und Entfernen der Schalung und spart darüber hinaus Schalholz.


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