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The RUF SZ1+ briquetting system presses loose wood chips into compact briquettes. The high pressure ensures a constant high quality and density. As an entrylevel model of our wood presses, the SZ1+ is available in a standard design with proven RUF technology for small capacities (30 – 60 kg/hour). Benefits: Compact design Low wear Plug-in ready at delivery Easy operation with touchpanel Wide spectrum of additional compressible materials (wood, paper, styrofoam, ...) Automatic feeding of briquettes to industrial combustion plants possible

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For every need a suitable press: All briquetting systems of the RUF LIGNUM series process residual wood at a constantly high level of quality and density – from dust to wood shavings and coarse chips. The remaining water content must be less than 15% in order to create briquettes with consistent quality and thickness. For every requirement the right format: The rectangular briquettes can therefore be perfectly stacked and bundled into packages . The briquette formats 150x60mm and 40x70mm are available. Optimized throughput rates with our LIGNUM series: All RUF LIGNUM models are highly energy effi cient thanks to their innovative RUF hydraulic system. The further improvement of the hydraulic system of the LIGNUM R2 and LIGNUM R4 has led to an effi ciency increase of around 25%. Briquetter for wood have depending on model & material throughput rates between 410and 1,050 kg/hr.

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Grinding chips are created by the grinding of metal components. It is a mixture of metal and corundum abrasion in combination with the cutting fl uids being used. By briquetting, the waste is reduced significantly and the briquettes possess a defi ned residual moisture. Thus, the disposal costs are reducedand depending upon the alloy, there is even the opportunity to sell the briquettes with a profit. In most cases, the expensive oil contained in the cutting fl uid can be reused. The briquetting system can already payoff for itself within less than 12 months by processing about 10 to 30 tons of the expensive oil contained in the cutting fl uid per year. Depending on the requirements, our briquetting systems for grinding chips are equipped with hydraulic motors ranging from 4kW to 22kW, and reach a specifi c pressure of up to 3,800 kg/cm². The throughput of the RUF briquetting systems - especially for grinding chips - range from 40 to 350 kg/h.

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The RUF briquetting systems of the Biomass series process dust, shavings and wooden chips into briquettes of consistently high quality and density. Varying bulk densities are offset automatically during the process. These materials can be pressed into a compact form without the use of binders. It is important that the moisture content of the chips is below 15%, preferably under 12%, and that the chip size does not exceed 50mm. The general rule is that the finer the material is, the smoother and more solid the surfaces and edges of the resulting briquette. The systems can be equipped with a multitude of options, thus optimally adapting them to customer needs. This series offers maximum flexibility. All systems are extremely energy efficient thanks to the innovative RUF hydraulic system. Depending on the model, the machines are equipped with motors ranging between 4 kW and 90 kW. The throughput capacities of the RUF Biomass presses range between 50 and 1,300 kg/h.

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Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bavaria/Zaisertshofen, specialised in the design and manufacture of briquetting systems more than 35 years ago. As global leader in the sector of briquetting, over the years RUF has sold more than 5.000 briquetting machines in more than 100 countries. RUF presents solutions for the briquetting of wood, metal, biomass and numerous other materials. In the metal sector, we can offer the right machinery for a wide range of applications, including aluminium, cast iron, grinding sludge and even steel shavings. Profit from Briquetting: • Volume reduction • Reduction in storage and transport costs • Dewatering & oil removal of chips and grinding sludge • Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants (oil or emulsion) • Increased melting yield/increased value of the waste material Based on numerous press tests on a huge range of materials, RUF can provide the right machinery to suit every need. RUF manufactures briquetting machines at its own factory. By manufacturing the components and producing the machines ourselves we are in a position to react quickly and flexibly to our customers' needs. Because of our long-term know-how, we specialised in finding individual customer solutions. The RUF philosophy: As a company with comprehensive project expertise, we are aware that energy resources are continuing to dwindle. Our technical competence make an important contribution to discovering so far unused residual materials.



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