RUF briquette press for grinding sludge / grinding chips

Briquetter for grinding sludge / grinding chips


Grinding chips are created by the grinding of metal components. It is a mixture of metal and corundum abrasion in combination with the cutting fl uids being used. By briquetting, the waste is reduced significantly and the briquettes possess a defi ned residual moisture. Thus, the disposal costs are reducedand depending upon the alloy, there is even the opportunity to sell the briquettes with a profit. In most cases, the expensive oil contained in the cutting fl uid can be reused. The briquetting system can already payoff for itself within less than 12 months by processing about 10 to 30 tons of the expensive oil contained in the cutting fl uid per year. Depending on the requirements, our briquetting systems for grinding chips are equipped with hydraulic motors ranging from 4kW to 22kW, and reach a specifi c pressure of up to 3,800 kg/cm². The throughput of the RUF briquetting systems - especially for grinding chips - range from 40 to 350 kg/h.

Stamping - steels and metals
  • metal sludge
  • grinding sludge
  • grinding chips press

Product features

material grinding sludge/ grinding chips
Max. throughput rate (kg/h) 40 - 350 kg/h
Power (kW) 4 - 22 kW
Spec. pressure, max (kg/cm²) 2000 - 3800 kg/cm²
Briquette format 60x40, Ø60, Ø80, Ø100, Ø120
Weight (t) 1 - 3,7 t

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