Radel®: Medical grade PPSU stock shapes

PPSU rods and sheets for medical grade parts machining (implants, instruments)


With the new tightening procedures for cleaning and disinfecting implant ancillaries, PPSU offers an interesting solution guaranteeing a longer life cycle for products. Though it costs usually more than other medical grade polymers (POM, PP), it can nevertheless prove to be more economical in the long term due to its durability. This is especially true for complex designs which are expensive to machine. PPSU does not have any problems with the cleaning & pre-disinfection products. Our material is lot controlled, serialized and is delivered with a certificate of conformance. Coloured resin has been tested under ISO10993/5/10/11/18. The material is not for permanent implantation. PPSU behaves very well after a large number of sterilisation cycles in an autoclave at 134°C/273°F, it can be sterilized through other methods (ETO; gamma, plasma, dry heat). it is polishable for a perfect finish.

Plastic products for the medical industry
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • medical devices
  • dentistry items

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