TriPress® is a triangular rapid fastening system that can be clinched into plastic and light metals. During the clinching operation, the two components of the TriPress® fastener connect together quickly and economically. It is available in the following designs: Triangular shank and knurl parallel with axis provide greater torsional strength. Circumferential locking flutes on triangular shaft generate high pull-out resistance. Combination of grooves and knurls permit positive-fit fastenings and achieve high torsional torques and pull-out forces (figure 4). So the fastener can be clinched into pre-prepared holes or injected as inserts into plastic housings.

Mechanical transmission - components
  • Rapid fastening system
  • clinch pin
  • fastening

Product features

Feature (1) Approx. 35% greater torsional torques
Feature (2) Greater vibration resistance
Feature (3) Greater reliability when fitting nuts
Feature (4) Centre collar version (MB)
Feature (5) Improves pull-out forces
Feature (6) Extremely secure against unscrewing

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The rapid fastening system TriPress®.

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