Raytek GS150/GS150LE Thermal Imaging Systems/Glass Industry

Infrared line scanner thermal imaging system – glass bending, forming, tempering


Raytek GS150 thermal imaging systems enable automated quality control in glass bending, forming, annealing, and tempering processes. The GS150LE variant is especially designed for Low-E (low emissivity) glass / one-side coated flat glass. It features automatic emissivity correction. The systems are based on the Raytek MP150 infrared line scanner, which has a max. resolution of 1024 points per line, a max. 150 Hz scanning frequency, and an up to 90° wide field of view. SYSTEM PROPERTIES • Automated temperature monitoring • Visualization on PC • Ethernet TCP/IP interface integrated in the line scanning system • PC-independent alarm output • PC-independent analog outputs 3 x 4 – 20mA BENEFITS • Improve profitability and product quality • Reduce set-up time • Detect defects quickly • Automate quality monitoring for ISO9000 • Reduce scrap • Efficiently manage the heat balance in the oven • Automatically adjust the emissivity value when changing glass types or coatings

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Product features

Measured temperature range 100 to 950°C (212 to 1742°F)
System accuracy ±0.5°C or ±3°C (6°F)
Repeatability ±1°C (2°F)
Optical resolution 170:1 (90% energy)
Ambient temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), with water cooling up to 180°C (356°F)
Field of view 90°
Points per line Up to 1024 pixels
Scan rate Up to 150 Hz
Power supply 24 VDC ± 25%, 1 A
Ethernet communication TCP/IP (10/100 Mbit/s)
Serial communication RS485
Analog outputs 3 x 4 – 20 mA
Alarm output Relay, contacts: 30 V, 1 A

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Raytek IR Thermal Imaging System in Low-E Glass Manufacturing

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