FAST, FIELD-READY PROCESS MONITORING SYSTEM Performance, Reliability, and Versatility INFICON Transpector CPM has been the market-leading Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) process monitoring system in the semiconductor industry for over a decade. Now Transpector CPM 3 provides industry leading measurement speed and sensitivity through a field proven pumping and inlet system integrated with a new sensor and electronics. Transpector CPM 3 is the ideal RGA process monitor for new and established semiconductor processes such as ALD, CVD, PVD, and Etch. Transpector CPM 3 provides proven return on investment to our partners through: 1 Ion source pressure reading @ low emission using total pressure lens 2 Total pressure accuracy @ low emission 3 Maximum ion source operating pressure @ low emission 4 2x10 -4 Torr in the ion source will produce about 1x10 -5 Torr in the quadrupole region 5 MDPP at the ion source with EM on and 1s dwell time 6 Mass 40 contribution onto 41 AMU 7 Zero blast...

Product features

Resolution 1 amu wide @ 10% peak height
Total Pressure Range¹ 5E-7 - 1E-3 Torr
Total Pressure Accuracy² +/- 25% 1E-6 - 1E-3 Torr
Maximum Ion Source Operating Pressure³ 1E-3 Torr
Nominal Operating Pressure⁴ 2E-4 Torr
System Operating Pressure 1E-8 Torr - 1.2 atm
Sensitivity (Low Emission) > 4E-6 Amps/Torr
Sensitivity (High Emission) > 2E-5 Amps/Torr
Minimum Detectable Partial Pressure⁵ 1E-13 Torr
Maximum Data Rate 1.8 ms/point (555 points/sec)
Abundance Sensitivity⁶ < 5 ppm
Zero Blast⁷ < 2 ppm
Detection Limit⁸ < 1 ppm
Linearity⁹ +/- 20%
Minimum Background Pressure 1E-8 Torr
Maximum Sensor and Inlet Temperature 150

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