High - dynamic shifter system for computer controlled shifting of gear boxes on test stands. This system shows the high end in regards of fastest shift executions combined with high forces as well as syncho force limitation strategies and highly precise position control. In combination with fast clutch actuators – for example the SAM-AC actuator - very fast shift executions even shorter than 200 msec (2nd -> 3rd gear, clutch-shift-clutch) are possible. This robot shifter system is a special design for gear box tests stands for synchro durability or power-train tests. It uses the real-time application software Autopilot32. Different options such as shift lever release system, push/pull/button actuator to unlock gears, clutch actuators and different integration interfaces are available. This robot shifter directly actuates the standard shift lever of the transmission in a spherical motion. The set-up is done by a quick and simple teach in which is proceeded with a special...

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